Redefine Winning 85:365 year when the ESPYs come on I find myself drawn back to the same thing, Jimmy Valvano’s incredible speech.

Rarely does spoken word move me to tears, but this speech gets me every time! This morning I watched Stuart Scott accept the Jimmy V award. Again, I was moved to tears.

He stood in front of many people he has known professionally for years. He was everything a male role model should be, humble, open, vulnerable, stong, loving, and honest. He said many things that stuck with me. I felt so moved I am writing in both of my blogs about his speech.

He said (and I am paraphrasing) “I won’t let cancer win, but we cannot consider losing to cancer dying. We only lose if we let it dictate how we live. We win in how we live our lives each day.”

Why is that so important? How do you live your life? If Stuart Scott can get up every day and fight for his life by living, what is stopping you from doing the same? Go out there, make a difference, be everything you ever wanted and everything you never thought you could!

What does this have to do with education? In a word…EVERYTHING!


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