Is My Learning Authentic? 88:365

Right now I am procrastinating. I am procrastinating not because I can, but because I genuinely feel like the work I ought to be doing for my MSA class is so frustrating, I am willing to push it off as long as possible.

Background: At this point in my MSA I am supposed to be working on real projects, trying to take a stronger leadership role, and actually make changes. It is essentially the “internship/practicum” period. Here I am, doing a group powerpoint presentation on a current event topic in education.

I actually picked the topic because I thought I would find it interesting. Instead I am finding it torturous. I do not dislike it because of the topic (social inequity) but because of the project itself. This simply does not fit as part of this class. While I know they are important topics, and I know that we need to, as school leaders, be in tuned with them, the project is very forced.

I know what I need to write, I have the resources open and available for use, but I just do not want to do it. When I finish writing, and checking twitter, and maybe getting a snack, I will finally get to it.

I have every motivation in the world to just get this done and yet I do not want to do it. Why? I had choice, I find the topic interesting, and I like the people in my group. Simply put, this is not authentic because it does not fit into my current learning needs. I needed this project six months ago, not now…

Keep that in mind when you are designing curriculum, a classroom, or even a lesson. Creating authentic learning environments and experiences is student driven, thus it makes setting the parameters very difficult for teachers. Find ways to engage your students with what they need. Find ways to build their learning while accomplishing the same goals. Most of all, don’t force it!

Rant complete… back to my project (hopefully with a little more enthusiasm and a snack)


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