Are You A Dream Thief 95:365

Today I watched a TED talk by Seth Godin called “Stop Stealing Dreams” and it went along with a conversation I had with my PLN that essentially led to a great google hangout.

What do most classrooms look like? Just how different does school look now than it did 50 years ago? How much have we actually changed?

In many classrooms I have seen a noticeable change. But, the question Godin asks is, what is school”s purpose now? We all study the history of public school, as an MSA student I had to learn about the history of administration and curriculum development. But, the ultimate question remains, why are kids going to school? What is our purpose now?

I would assert that the purpose of school is to open up the world for kids, and to ultimately build creators. I try to have my classroom reflect that goal.

Godin talks about how textbooks and rows of desks, memorization and some other problems no longer need to be part of education. I completely agree. Educators using these methods are not inspiring learners, they are crushing spirits, inhibiting ideas, and stealing dreams.
Are you a dream thief, and if so, why?


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