Birth of the #SuperFriends 94:365

In reflecting on this morning’s live broadcast of a Google Hangout I participated in with educators from around the world, there are many incredible things that come to mind.

First, was the inclusion of Craig Kemp, a teacher in Singapore who joined us to share his ideas.  Just the fact that I am connecting with, and sharing ideas with someone from halfway across the world, is incredible!  Add in the teachers and administrators that joined in from around the country and the collaboration was incredible.

Another thing I loved was that I was so engaged with the people I was conversing with, that I forgot all about the fact that it was being live broadcast and people were tweeting to the #superfriends .

Ultimately, we did not solve any major problems today.  We did not save the world from injustice!  What we did, was spark a flame.  I enjoyed the conversation and I am inspired to continue meeting with this group.  I hope to expand the #superfriends group.

Finally, I am glad my friend Lauren Taylor joined the group!  She was our only Super Woman (and she is quite a superwoman!) I hope some of the other incredible women educators join us for our next hang out.  Check out the video at the #superfriends and I am hopeful it will happen again next Saturday!


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