A World of Problem Creators 97:365

No matter what subject you teach, no matter what grade you teach, there is one thing that the new world of education must embrace, problem creators.  This might seem counterintuitive.  Why would we want to create problems?

Problem solvers are great.  They see the pieces and put the puzzle together. This is a great and needed skill in the world.  It has always been important.  The world in the future will need problem creators.  Problem creators see not just the pieces of a puzzle, but they identify what puzzles are going to be made next.  A problem creator identifies the problems before they arise.  I saw a great statistic about the job growth for the future where the greatest field was biomedical-engineering.  In jobs like this, you are not just solving a problem that exists, you are solving problems that do not yet exist.  It is visualizing the puzzles that have not been made yet and creating solutions.

Our future learners need to see beyond the problems in front of them and construct solutions to the problems that have not yet been created.  These true innovators will be the successful leaders of the 21st Century.


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