200 in 100! 100:365

With this being my 100 post in the blog 365 challenge I felt it appropriate to reflect a little on the challenge thus far.

In writing blogs every day I have found some amazing advantages and learned a great deal about myself. Here are some of my take aways from the last 200 blog posts in 100 days (I also write 1 a day at http://www.creatingsuperheroes.wordpress.com )

-I reflect more now than I ever used to, and it often helps me process what I was thinking.

– I shared this in a voter conversation today, but I now have a great living document to share how I feel about so many education topics.  If someone wants to know more about me, I probably have written a blog about it!

– Writing 2 blog posts a day can be hard, not because writing or reflecting is hard, but because having topics EVERY day can be difficult to do.  Luckily most days conversations with my PLN provide for great topics to discuss.

– Writing inspiration can come from anywhere, so when it does, I need to save at least some record of it so I don’t forget later!!!!

– I do not revise my blogs EVER!  This is and has always been a way for me to share my thoughts and document my journey.  That being said, I was foolish for about 30 posts where I did not bother to spell check.  I am pretty sure that typos while blogging from my phone, cost me a job interview or two.

– Blogging is powerful and addictive.  I have shared great stories and ideas with others.  When other people find your words inspiring, enlightening, or exciting, it is very addictive.  We can all pretend we don’t care what others think about us, but we still love to see when other people tweet or share our work without being asked!  That being said, it is important to make sure your blog posts are your thoughts and not posted for the sake of getting others to read them!

– I cannot wait to see what I will learn in my next 200 blog posts!


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