Personal Professional Development 101:365

I have been talking with a few people a lot recently about personal professional development. While I love twitter and I am enjoying directing my own learning in many ways, I sometimes feel like twitter lends itself to instability.

While being able to explore and learn about anything at any time is great, social media alone is not enough.  In schools, we need to rethink and re-examine how we participate in professional development.  While the thought that we ought to choose activities that are best for our learning is fantastic, we also need some direction and at times guidance.

How can we always know what we need?  While I feel very in touch with my needs as an educator through the reflection I do frequently, sometimes we need someone who is not so close to the picture.

I would also say, we need a more functional plan.  I cannot speak for anyone else, but I know for me, the professional development plan I was required to do each year has not really given me the direction it ought to give.

Ultimately, professional development is fractured.  We have different ideas about what it is, and what it is supposed to be, and how it will be valuable in our classrooms.  In my own learning I am starting to branch out and learn about how other professions encounter PD.  I look forward to sharing those ideas soon!



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