Mindsets 102:365

Full disclosure, I have not read the book “Mindset” which inspired this discussion I could only really have for a few minutes because I was working. I am curious now and I will be adding it to the list (it is a mile long).

The conversation was about growth vs fixed mindsets in individuals.  I am wondering if we can have growth vs fixed mindsets in different areas?  Can I have a fixed mindset in my feelings about food but a growth mindset in my understanding about technology?


In addition to that, is having a fixed or growth mindset something we can change on our own?  Does it require some traumatic act to shift the mindset or are these more of a continuum.  If they are a continuum, then where does something go from being fixed to being growth or vice versa?  It seems that we could ideally shift in and out of fixed or growth mindsets depending on the topic and the context of the situation.  Of course I could be completely misunderstanding the concept because this is now on the list….

I am interested in what others think, especially if you have already read the book!


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