Headfirst 103:365

Today I went to EdCamp Leadership.  It was my first EdCamp and I would say it was like the Superbowl of EdCamps!  There were tons of incredible people there sharing their knowledge and joining in the learning.  It was not about ego, or anything other than what could we all do to make education better for kids.

Being there was incredible.  I noticed that EdCamp is very much like twitter only in person.  You have chat facilitators, you have contributors, and you have lurkers.  Each session had all three.  I decided that because there was an important topic to me and I wanted to learn more about, so I put it up on the board.

If I am being fully honest I have barely presented at my district on a topic for more than 6 people.  So, for me I was definitely jumping beyond my comfort zone. I survived the experience and I am thankful for it!  I had decided before the day began that I was going to jump into EdCamp head first.  I was going to commit fully to the experience and accept the consequences.

I am grateful for such an incredible, embracing community to learn with and to help make kids better.

I cannot possibly list all of the great twitter friends I met today.  All I can say is that I am still far too overloaded to reflect and recap on the actual information I learned today. Look for more to come in the coming days with my reflections!  There is much to share!


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