Where do we start? 108:365

Today a twitter friend asked me for help developing an idea today.  He asked me to come up with potential ideas for law that would work to keep teachers and administrators in high risk schools.  I rambled out many ideas on voxer and this is where I have ended up so far.  If you have ideas or think of where my ideas have gone crazy, please share them!

Keeping teachers in high risk schools is not a “Let’s make a law and the problem is solved” kind of thing.  Here is what I believe will keep educators at a school.

– support

– creating a cutting edge environment where teachers and students can innovate together

– embedding the school into the community, and the staff into the community by offering low cost, safe, quality housing options near the school.

– Working with the community leaders to develop investment leverage in the community

I know the idea of pay raises and loan forgiveness is common, but I feel in these circumstances teachers just pay their time into the system then leave all too often.  Instead we should be figuring out ways to make the school a desirable place to bring our kids and make it a place where people can feel not only safe, but inspired.

This is a massive question with major implications.  I look to the work the President of my Alma Matter, Franklin&Marshall College, did while I was a student.  He developed a plan to leverage the community, buy up old torn up buildings and create a better place for kids to come to college.  Schools in high risk settings could do the same (or maybe they cannot based on legal issues which a law could help?)

Share your thoughts and ideas if you can!


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