Childlike Madness 110:365

I am typically always annoyed as people lament the loss of a celebrity, as if their contribution to the world was so significant that we should feel personal loss, or pity them despite their own self destructive ways.  Today I actually do feel some of that loss, with the passing of Robin Williams.

Why did I love his work so much, simple: Robin Williams embraced the moments in his acting with the authenticity and depth of a child.  While adults often ruin great things, Robin Williams would find a way to make you forget he was Robin “the most incredibly hyper human being on earth” Williams.  He had a childlike madness that allowed him to play characters as incredible as Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Good Morning Vietnam, and Hook, while at the same time possessing the depth to capture your emotions in movies like Dead Poet Society, What Dreams May Come, Insomnia, and 1 Hour Photo.

I loved Robin Williams work because in many ways I feel like him.  I have a serious side and a determined side, but even in them, a softer side, and a sillier side.  I tend to teach in my classroom like Robin Williams on stage, filled with passion, excitement, energy and occasionally something a bit quirky.  I don’t want to overplay one man’s contribution to the world by any means, but most of the world could certainly use a dose of childlike madness that drove Robin Williams into the hearts of many people.  I will most likely find myself watching an awful lot of Robin Williams movies over again! I know this is vaguely related to my education experience, but sometimes writing needs to be therapeutic and allow you to process your thoughts.  Thanks for reading.


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