Way Out of the Comfort Zone 112:365

Bad things happen in the world. It is a part of our life. We spend a lot of time avoiding these issues. We spend a lot of time ignoring anything that is messy, divisive, or controversial.

As educators it is our job to help create not just good students, but good people. Doing this requires that we address more than academic skills, but we address social awareness, human interaction and more.

The events that took place in Missouri this past week are not so foreign to the lives of our kids as we might think.

By ignoring these events in our classrooms, by pretending they don’t exist or are somehow problems for “other people” is to separate ourselves from the task of education. To avoid talking about race, socio-economic status, or cultural differences because it is safe or more comfortable is missing the point.

Which brings us to an important question:

How do we have these conversations and teach our students what their actions do and mean?


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