What is the Point of Capes? 115:365

Today on twitter I was talking with some great educators and of course we came to the topic of capes.  A good friend and PLN member @tritonkory has a great picture, it is her in a cape (which she owns and really wears) and when I had a student ask me to try on his cape, I of course could not turn down that opportunity myself and got a great picture.

Tonight someone asked me why we have the capes.  Then in the same conversation, someone told me that they were told not to make capes with their class because “what’s the point?”

Here is the point! Learning is fun!  We need capes, masks, games, and anything else that keeps fun in our classrooms.  There is magic and wonder in learning, there is also power, mystery, and the ability to do the seemingly impossible.  Those sound like the types of descriptions that cape wearing people often have attributed to them. So why can’t our kids wear them?

The better question becomes, why aren’t there more capes?


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