A Mentality of Other 117:365

This week has caused me to reflect a great deal about the mentality of the other. The idea that any one person is the equivalent of any person that looks, sounds, dresses, speaks, or believes, is so much more common than I think anyone would want to admit.

It is in our faces right now. It is on tv, on social media, and many people are blind to it in themselves.

Here is the problem, a major contributing factor to the nightmare that is happening in Missouri right now is the bias of “the other”. Regardless of the facts in the case, Ferguson goes beyond the tragic death of an 18-year-old man, it goes beyond the horrific failures of police and their over militancy. It comes down to racial bias, and a genuine sense of exclusiveness through that bias. Everything else stems from that deep rooted problem.

When I discuss this with anyone, I try to keep that in mind. No matter which group in the tragedy we discuss, I will not be lumping anyone into a category that judges them and brands them as others. That is one if the driving forces that has created this problem, not just now but across our country. Perpetuating an us vs. them mentality is only going to continue the same cycle of hatred.



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