Good is not Good Enough! 120:365

During the recent EdCamp in Tennessee, a friend tweeted a question about why teachers would look to make changes if they are judged based on test scores and the test scores were good.  I quickly replied, “Good is not Good Enough!” but I feel I need to elaborate as I have thought more about this over the past few days.

When my new CSA took over our district, he ended his personal introduction by saying (and I am paraphrasing) “After spending the last month getting to know the school, it seems obvious that this is a good school.  I want to be part of making it a great school, and I hope you are ready to do that with me.”

Good is not a bad thing.  There is nothing wrong with being good as a school, as a teacher, or as anything.  But, when you decide as a school or as a teacher, that being “good” is enough for you and you are no longer willing to try new things, being good is going to slip away very quickly.  Before long, you will find yourself struggling to recapture good!

Great schools are great, not because they have found something they do well and stick with it forever, they are great because they have found something they do well, and work to improve it constantly.  Sometimes that means making small adjustments, other times, major changes.  If good test scores are what motivates you (you are in the wrong profession in my opinion) then you need to constantly be focussed on improving your craft, finding better or more refined methods and improving your work overall.

If good is good enough, we have a big problem!


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