The Value of Symbolic Connection 124:365

I was thinking today about my first school, the school where I learned to teach while working as an aide. I love where I teach now, but I also know there are very few administrative opportunities where I am. While a part of me is excited potential for new adventures in my future, another part of me nostalgically thinks about the district where I first started in education.

Not only is there a connection to the concept of that school, but, we all did something that physically allowed me to leave my mark on the school.

Every student and staff member at the school leaves a handprint on the wall with their name and the year. No matter where I go, or what I do, I will have a comnection to that first school in so many ways.

It got me thinking about the connections we make in the virtual world. Our connections grow stronger through more interaction, but when we can have some physical interaction that matches the virtual interactions, the connections can get even stronger!


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