Taking the First Step 125:365

Taking the first step in change is scary!  I have seen many people that pause before that step.  It can be even harder when the change is one that people are not going to like, but is a necessary one.  Sometimes we find ourselves needing to adjust to these changes because we are forced into them.

When things like this happen, it is a huge deal to see the school’s leaders stepping up and taking a role in the change.  No matter what the difficult situation, when you ask people to band together, work harder, do more, it is the responsibility of the leader to be the first one signing up to do more!  That, is what sharing in the sacrifice is all about.

Any culture where a leader asks others to make concessions or changes but does not include themselves, is one that will turn toxic quickly if it has not already.  While a school leader cannot make all of the important changes to meet a school’s needs, they can have a great impact on the learning that is kids do every day.


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