When the Well Runs Dry 126:365

Where do we go when the well runs dry?

For must of who are connected educators, it is to our PLN.  When inspiration is lacking, or we have hit a snag, we turn to those people who can always find way to create in us a flood.  Over the past few days I have found writing to be more difficult.  As the summer winds down and I get ready for school (I know most of you have already started by this point) I am finding less and less to write about and I need to find more inspiration.

Because of a very hectic end of summer schedule where I am juggling a heavy workload with my summer job, getting ready for school to start, and the demands of the end of my MSA Program requirements, my twitter, voxer, google+ time is very low.  It has made me realize how much I miss those things when I cannot dedicate much time to them.  Before the start of last school year, I had none of these things.  This year, I am starting from a much better place.  I have the support of amazing people both inside and outside of my building, I am involved in many great projects, and I feel as though someone has taken the blinders off and I can see the world around me for the first time.

I am excited for everything this coming year brings, and I look forward to sharing my reflections and ideas as life and my PLN inspire me to learn and grow!


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