Ideal Administration 129:365

When thinking of an ideal school environment for kids, we should start with leaders.  What kind of administrators lead and manage a school in a way that inspires learning?

Administrators need to be flexible.  Within a school system you have many different types of teachers, children, and other staff, each of which need different things to be successful.  A leader needs to adapt to situational contexts, engage and learn about their coworkers, and meet school needs by being proactive.

In an ideal school the administrators are active in the community, engaging families and businesses in and outside of the school walls.  As a leader, the administration need to be leaders in learning.  Their greatest task is to learn ways to help others improve in their own learning.

In this school in the clouds, administrators spend school hours in classrooms, engaging students and teachers in conversations about learning.  Evaluations by these administrators are done openly, honestly, and with teacher improvement in mind.

Most administrators most likely consider themselves in this light, but the task is difficult.  The job has many extenuating circumstances that can often take you away from what we really value. Ideally an administrator is a facilitator that empowers teachers to learn and grow, ultimately transferring that empowerment to children.  If we are going to have an ideal school, it should start with leaders like these.  It should start with leaders who love learning and continue to possess a growth mindset throughout their career.


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