Ideal Learning Spaces 134:365

I am not saying classrooms in this post because I believe that language is important for our mindset.  Classrooms have give the mentality of the old schools filled with rows of students staring at the content delivering teacher.  Learning spaces (while they have similarities) is a rebranding of the term.

An ideal learning space is one that allows kids to explore their environment and develop understanding and knowledge through experiences.  The room can adjust to the needs of the learners.  In that space kids will have access to resources, technology, and materials to learn relevant things.

Essentially when kids walk into a learning space, their first thought should be, “Wow, can I stay here all day?” Imagine a school full of rooms where kids love the learning environment so much, they are so engaged in creating new understandings that have relevance for their learning.

These places will look different depending on the learning needs, ages, and personality of the teacher and learners.  Too often we say that learners are the only ones that matter, but that is an oversimplification.  It is the relationship between the learners, the educators, and the environment that creates ideal conditions for learning.


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