Ideal Teachers 133:365

In a school where teachers are exactly what we wish the could be, the potential is limitless. While administrative leaders are a major key to creating an ideal school, the most important adults in a school are the teachers.

Teachers are the people who have the greatest impact on kids in a school.  An ideal teacher starts with one thing above all else, kids first!  Putting kids first means many things.  Great teachers need to passionate about improving the lives of kids.  This means that at times,we can disagree.  I am happy to disagree and talk through that, so long as we keep our focus on children.

Great teachers are flexible, adaptable in the moment, yet they have a vision of how they will impact their children.  Great teachers can see into the future and see a child’s potential; then work with them to develop that potential to its fullest.

An ideal teacher takes some risks.  Risks does not mean they try everything that comes across their path, instead it means they determine what can help kids and they try it, knowing it won’t be perfect but that it is helping their learners.

Finally, ideal teachers are learners.  If you are going to inspire passion and a desire to learn in others, you yourself must be passionate about learning new things!


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