Ideal School Culture 137:365

When you walk into a school, we should immediately get a sense of what that place is about, what that community values, and how those are embodied in the school.

The ideal school culture should have three very important things:

Trust- Trust in a school means EVERYTHING.  Children need to trust adults, teachers must trust administrators, and those relationships of trust need to be reciprocal.  Everything we do is built upon dynamic relationships between groups of individuals.  Ensuring effectiveness requires building relationships where all people genuinely believe that they are being honest.

Growth – Education is not s stagnant thing (or at least it shouldn’t be) but instead an ever growing and changing field.  From the kids, maintenance staff, secretaries, support staff, teachers, administrators and EVERYONE in the building should be aiming at getting better in their roles.

Compassion – Kids,teachers, and every other level of a school need to model and use compassion in their approach to education.

Positive school culture is crucial to the educational process.


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