Voxer a Digital Teacher’s Lounge 138:365

The more I use Voxer the more I find myself loving having it as a tool to connect with others. Today I heard a friend, Kory Graham (@tritonkory) refer to Voxer as a digital coffee shop.  I would say it is beyond that.  When you get a close group of educators together, Voxer is like the most positive version of a digital teacher’s lounge.

While some Voxer groups are more formal, my first and perhaps my favorite group is just a small group of education focussed, twitter friends that engage in an ongoing, free flowing conversation.  Sometimes we stray from the normal educational support topics to laughter, other times we share more personal stories that builds an even greater connection.  All together our Voxer conversations have provided me with learning, laughter, support, insight into different views, and most likely more!

Voxer can be used as a chat forum, and very effectively.  It can also however, be used as an ongoing, free flowing conversation between educators.  A permanent teacher’s lounge that allows for the improvement of connections, sharing of ideas, and support on a more personal level than most other social media tools.


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