Creators and Consumers 140:365

It seems like Brad Gustafson is a never ending fountain of inspiration.  This week, with his topic for #30SecondTake Podcast about maker spaces was great.  Each week it is difficult to decide between two incredible educators and of course with Drew Frank and Terri Eichholtz there were lots of great ideas shared.

Usually when I hear a key phrase or idea, it triggers my brain on the topic and I find someone I think deserves the win.  This week there was gem after gem of great ideas, but no one hit the one point I was hoping to hear.

In a world where labor, manufacturing, and many other things are becoming past practices, children in the future will need to stop being consumers and start being creators.  My are maker spaces important?  Simply put, they are an important step toward building creators rather than perpetuating consumers.  By giving students an opportunity to create solutions, identify problems, and build upon ideas, we are laying a foundation for kids to become creators.  The world needs more creators, more problem identifiers and more development of ideas.

In the end, I think Terri takes it.  The space is only important in so much as we value their creativity and imagination.  Without those things, adding any tools and spaces for making are not really important, true, but without the direction of developing a culture of creators vs. consumers then we are not really making a difference.


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