Worlds Collide 141:365

The time has finally come.  Last week I was exposed to our whole school. While I have been working on my administrative degree, I have told a handful of people about the different work I have been doing over the past two years.  While this was something I needed to do, and should have probably done a long time ago, it is difficult.  I have kept a number of confidences throughout this process on both sides (administration and teaching.)

Living in this double world has been difficult, but I appreciate being able to be a support for my friends/co-workers and learn from my administrative mentor.  Often times this means knowing things and not being able to talk about them.  It means hearing information but not being able to clarify for others.  That double standard can be very difficult to live with.

Today I started working on creating the momentum of change.  I spoke to some teachers that I work with about making changes to our ELA curriculum in order to create a more cohesive program.  I am not sure why, but I was relieved and slightly surprised to find out that my ideas were well received.  When I brought up the ideas with some teachers, they seemed to think the concept was a great idea.

With the major event I finished last Thursday, there is no one left in our district who does not know where my path leads.  How I continue to develop those relationships and the way in which my peers respond to me will be a positive indicator of my ability to lead.



2 thoughts on “Worlds Collide 141:365

  1. Brian, I’m proud of you. As an emerging leader in my school, I know that many times, it is not easy to stand up for what you believe in. I am very happy that you took that step. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Travis. The people who I was closest to had already known a lot. To many others I think it was news. It was a huge relief when I talked to one of our most veteran and also one of our best teachers (she was sitting on one of the ball chairs in my room at the time) and she thought my ideas for school change were great. I am glad to have taken that step, even if it was long overdue.

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