Finding PLN 144:365

In the past I have talked about finding, developing, and building relationships with a good mentor.  While I was talking to some of my stronger connections from the NJ/PA ECET2 Conference,I realized something: as an aspiring administrator, I had already found some incredible mentors.  These members of my PLN, some of whom I was spending face-to-face time with for the second or third time, were currently being the leader I aspire to be.

Not only were people like Dr. Spike Cook, Glenn Robbins, Jimmy Casas, and Jeff Zoul (just a short list) administrators that I had connected with, but they all embody many of the special characteristics that I hope to someday hold as an administrator.  These are some of the best people I could ever hope to learn from, and they are open and willing to connect and share learning.

When the next step finally materializes and I shift my career from teacher to administrator, I have so many incredible mentors to call upon.  Unlike my first journey into the classroom, I will never be alone, struggling to find my footing again.  I will always have my PLN to draw on when I need anything!


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