Is Your School Worth More Than #onemeasure 146×365

This week there is a new educational hashtag in the world of connected educators. A place for all of us to start telling a greater collective story.  Visionaries like @joesanfilippofc and @tonysananis have talked about telling your school’s story.  They have cultivated school and district hashtags, and broadcast the great things about their schools.  Not every school had a hashtag.  Not every child has access to the powerful messages of great things at their school.

@DrSpikeCook came up with an even more powerful idea.  What if we all collected our stories together?  What if we take our positive messages that are scattered across the face of the internet, and banded them into a focussed ray of hope for education?  What if we took all of that incredible learning, inspiration, and excitement about education, and shared it with the world?  Would the power of that message ignite a spark that would lead to incredible new things for education?

It will take all of us, consistently sharing the incredible things our kids do each day that are not measured by testing, to really have a chance to turn the tide.  I can only imagine what happens when the world sees just how incredible our kids can be.

Share your children’s incredible learnings at the new #onemeasure


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