Expanding the Pockets 147:365

I have listened to, been a part of, and thought deeply about the challenge of turning the tide in education.  How do we take the great learning we direct through being connected educators?  How do we share that with the rest of education?  We find ourselves segregated into pockets of connected educators among the rest of the education population.

Not everyone is ready or has the mindset to be a connected educator.  That being said, there are a number of remarkable people for us to learn with in the connected world.  We live in a day and age where we should be able to share that learning easily, but in many ways, it becomes difficult to create the momentum for changes we see at conferences or in places like Twitter.

So, I am asking you all.  I am asking my incredible PLN.  No.  I am challenging you all.  Find ways to expand the pockets.  Find ways to create more learning, better educational opportunities, and ultimately a better future for our schools.  If you have a way, share it back out with the world.  We always talk about how much better we are together, so if we really believe that, then its time to band together and start turning the tide.  It is time to band together and start spreading the change beyond our smallest spheres of control.

I admit, I am not sure how we do this, but I do know that if we don’t, nobody will.  I heard an idea from Seth Godin’s blog today.  We have all the tools to do rather than wish.  It is time to DO.  Spread the seed of change to those that are not connected.


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