Celebrating #CEOct w/ @DrSpikeCook 151:365

So if I am going to start celebrating connected educators, I have to start with the guy who got me started.  I have told this story many times, but it still seems so random.  Spike was my professor during one of my MSA classes at Rowan University.  To be honest, it was a class I was dreading from the moment I started the program, School Finance.  I saw his name on the course list as the professor, checked his bio, and honestly was wondering if his name was REALLY Spike.

Turns out it was, but I also found out that he blogged.  I had read a few principal blogs before and so I wanted to learn more about him.  His blog talked about being a connected educator, about using Twitter, and my curiosity grew.

I emailed him asking his advice on starting up on Twitter.  He had me following a few people, a hashtag or two, and the #ASCD conference.  I instantly became hooked.  I was certainly doing it wrong, but I figured it out quickly.

Spike has become a friend and a mentor for me, whether he realizes it or not.  He took the time to do a Google Hangout with me to talk about my resume and cover letters, has been a resource for many questions, helped me get a great interview (most likely), encouraged me through many different things.  One of the things I admire most about Spike is his ability to stay connected without having it consume too much of his time.  He connects with others, he has meaningful conversations and relationships, he finds learning and engages his passions.  He does all of this while finding some time to help many others, and do so many things (excel at his job, write a book, co-host a podcast, present and keynote, and most importantly be with his family!)

If you don’t follow @drspikecook , if you have not attempted to make that connection, do it! His connection was my first, but it has created so many opportunities for me to learn and grow!


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