Celebrating #CEOct w/ @PrincipalStager 152×365

I cannot think of a person who I would want to model more in a journey toward being a school leader and principal than Theresa Stager.  Since I started connecting with educators, she has been open and supportive!  Theresa encouraged me to find my own passion and start directing my connections in that way.  My first attempts failed, and failed badly.  My own passion has been to try and help new and pre-service teachers, which I first really determined through my connection with Theresa.

She was a first year Principal last year, and despite that, organized the formation of an incredible podcast for Principals and Aspiring Administrators.  I have learned so much from her vision, and made so many fantastic connections.  It is because of her that I have created my second blog ( http://www.creatingsuperheroes.wordpress.com ) and it was through my connection with her that I have worked on starting a podcast to reflect my own passion (it has been slightly delayed.)

Theresa has managed to do so many things as a Principal in such a short time that I am inspired by her work.  I am also touched by the open nature with which she shares herself with myself and others who hope to follow in her footsteps!  I am fortunate to have @PrincipalStager as one of my connections, and I am very excited about meeting her in person in the near future!


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