Celebrate #CEOct w/ @JohnWick

Yes, John Wick is more than just the most incredible flick from Keanu Reeves since Man of Tai Chi, he is also one of the most visionary and inspirational school leaders I know.  John has the incredible ability to blend genius and humor to convey his message.  He has an incredible vision of what he wants to see in his school, what creates meaningful learning, that has been developed from his own school experiences.

Getting to know John more closely over the past several months through Voxer has been incredibly valuable for me.  John has shared his own difficulties while at the same time being there to support me with my own.  With each difficult decision, major opportunity, or frustrating defeat, John has been there to keep my head on straight!   One of my favorite times this summer, was conversing with John on his trip through the desert to reach CUE Rockstar in Las Vegas.  Then, it was equally enjoyable following John’s sessions through twitter.

I am fortunate to have connected with John.  His resilience is incredible.  I love the fresh, honest take he provides.  It seems at times his genius is undervalued and his vision derided for its grandeur.  As John would say, “I move the line and then I still don’t like it” at which point he will have to go beyond it again!  John Wick is one of the most uplifting educators I have encountered, and when he is serious about something, it often turns into something extremely special (like this: http://revogogy.com/2014/05/07/someone-to-carry-you/#.VDSkpUuK9BU one of the most inspirational posts I have ever read.)

A special thank you to John for being not just a part of my PLN, but a friend and mentor!


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