Celebrate #CEOct w/ @MrLeBrun

What can I saw about Mr. Ross LeBrun?  Ross is a few years older than me, which explains his sweet hairstyle.  But, Ross is also a creative, caring, and realistic educator.  I can tell from our interaction how much Ross cares about doing right for kids.  He is always focussing his work on what his teachers can do that will help kids do better (not just in the classroom, but at life.)

Ross has an incredible sense of humor.  He finds ways to express himself through humor.  He is also a great supporter of other educators.  In reality, it is Ross’s chat #totallyrossome and the discussion about Connected Educators that we had there and on Voxer about the topic that inspired me to start writing these blogs about the meaning of the connections I have made.

Next month I am expecting to meet Ross at EdCampNJ, he will be one of many incredible educators making the trip.  I cannot wait to meet him in person.  Ross is not just the kind of educator and leader that I value, he is also the kind of person that I want to have as a friend.  He is filled with interesting stories and life experiences, he both supports and challenges his friends.  Ross is a Rossome dad, teacher, and friend that I am so happy to have in my PLN!  Thanks Ross!


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