Celebrating #CEOct w/ @GlennR1809

Glenn is a principal at a school I have driven past many times, admiring how it looks as I go.  Long before I met him, I would think about how awesome it might be to work at a school that looks like that.  Little did I know that my connected educator journey would lead me to meeting Glenn.  I noticed he tweeted about a zoo near my house, I was actually going to the same place myself with my daughter later that day.  Not long after that I had thought about what I needed to do to pilot BYOD in my school.  I was quickly steered in the direction of Glenn Robbins.

This was one of those moments when I realized just how powerful having a PLN could be.  Glenn and I had never met, and only talked a short time on twitter.  He gave me a solid hour of his time one day to lay out for me the ideas and important factors in how his school went BYOD successfully.  Who does that? This was during one of the busiest times of the school year and he willingly gave an hour of his time to help a relative stranger!

I had the chance to meet Glenn face to face for a short time at EdCamp Leadership.  He put me in touch with the group I needed to know in order to get involved with planning EdCamp South Jersey.  It wasn’t until I got to spend a lot more time with Glenn at NJ/PA ECET2 that I felt like I got to know him more as a person.  It turns out, I should have never been surprised at his selflessness, his desire to help others, and most importantly, his passion to help kids.  I found in Glenn Robbins a connection to a local school leader, very close to home, that I can say I hope to emulate.

Thank you @GlennR1809 for being an incredibly positive influence on me!


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