Celebrating #CEOct w/ @casas_jimmy

Quite honestly, if you have never met Jimmy Casas, find out where you can, and go there! Jimmy infuses the room with an incredible energy that can only be described with the cliche of electric.  I have met Jimmy on two occasions, but I imagine he only remembers the second.

The first time I met Jimmy Casas was at EdCamp Leadership.  We walked into a session I was enjoying on Teacher Leaders and sat down next to me, stayed for about 10 minutes, and left having altered the learning of an entire room.  The second time I got to interact with him a lot more.  At the NJ PA ECET2 conference Jimmy presented two sessions, of which I caught the latter.  Every person in the room left inspired.  I can honestly say that my school year has been better because of spending that time in the session with Jimmy.

Afterwards, I was surprised to find that he was incredibly approachable and open.  One of the greatest qualities I noticed when meeting Jimmy was how easy it was to communicate with him. He embodies everything a connected leader  ought to be, and I am fortunate to have met him and had the opportunity to connect with him.


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