Celebrating #CEOct w/ @gustafsonbrad

I have followed Brad Gustafson for a while.  He is one of the people on twitter I cannot imagine not following.  So, when I met him outside of University of Pennsylvania Law School while waiting for the doors to open at EdCamp Leadership, I was a bit surprised.  This was my first real interaction with Brad other than asking a few questions.

He was a friendly, personable, and down-to-earth guy.  Then, as I got to spend some more time around him, I got the first taste of just how much amazing energy he brings to whatever he is  doing.  Brad is a spark.  He combines intelligence, creativity, and drive that I can only marvel to see all together.  Since leaving that day, I have connected with Brad through Voxer and from watching his latest creation (#30SecondTake Podcast – one of the best ideas for a podcast ever).

Having had the chance to listen to Brad discuss real problems faced by administrators is where I can truly say I have learned the most.  I am fortunate to have found a connection with Brad Gustafson and I look forward to the next chance I get to see him face to face.


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