Why Twitter is Only the Beginning

I personally found it weird when there was a month to celebrate Connected Educators and we celebrate it in a place that is exclusively for connected educators, Twitter.  Twitter is a great tool if you are using it correctly.  Engage, introduce surface ideas, build relationships, and share resources.  For these things, twitter is great, but if it is where your connected experience ends, you may not be getting everything out of it.

So many things that we talk about on twitter require a greater level of discussion.  They are complex, in-depth, educational topics that require more than 140 characters.  We only scratch the surface with twitter.

What twitter does, if we use it right, is open doors.  It opens doors to educators to connect in other ways to really have the conversations about topics they propose on twitter.  We still have to walk through.  Our job is not simply to see the open door and say “Look I can see what is inside the room.” No, our job as connected educators, and as educators in general is to go through the door and find ways to use what is inside to benefit the kids in our lives.

Twitter has opened many doors for me so far.  I have made a point to walk through as many as I can and bring what I learn to apply it to my school, to the kids I see every day.  Remember, twitter is a great tool, but connecting is not about the tool, it is about relationships, learning, and ultimately your growth and how it impacts your kids.


4 thoughts on “Why Twitter is Only the Beginning

  1. This is why I blog in great blathering detail. The soundbites of Twitter may be a good way to get the conversation(s) started, but ultimately, if one is going to say something, one ought to say it as fully as possible, rather than try to quip in memorable quotes and / or posterified sayings with an emotive background image.

    I find the edu-quotes on Twitter to be more harmful than good as they take nuanced topics and try to bucket them into “right” and “wrong” with loose analogies.

  2. Great read and excellent advice for those of us that only joined the Twitter PD scene recently. Taking the time to open the blog links has been well worth it, and your comments above are no exception. Thanks.

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