Celebrating #CEOct w/ Travis Phelps

Travis was one of the first people in the connected universe to hear me sing on Voxer.  He bared this burden well.  Since then, Travis has gone from someone I chat with on twitter, to someone whose opinions I value greatly.

He is an incredible educator.  Travis does something I am not sure I could do, yet so many people do it on a regular basis: he is a teacher, and he is also the assistant principal.  I don’t mean that he is a teacher in the “lead learner” we are all teachers sense, I mean Travis teaches middle school Social Studies and is also an Assistant Principal.

While Travis will enlighten you with great ideas, a desire to share and learn, and build you up by sharing your strengths, he is also very humble.  His self deprecating humor tends to make me wonder if he really does know how incredible he is, how important he has been to many people including myself.

Travis Phelps is a great friend.  He has been incredibly helpful in developing and growing my connections and inspiring me to try new things!  Thank you Travis!  You Rock!


One thought on “Celebrating #CEOct w/ Travis Phelps

  1. Brian, you are waaaaaaay too kind! Thank you so much for the kind words. You are an incredible education leader, and these words mean a lot to me coming from you. Thank you for the wonderful gift of your friendship.

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