Reflections on #TCRWP Saturday Reunion Part 3

My second session at the Saturday Reunion is one I attended for two reasons, I was interested if there were new ways I could actually be using all of these checklists, rubrics, and progressions to my kids advantage, and because my session last spring with presenter Brianna Friedman (Sorry I know there is a second name there I can’t remember) was absolutely incredible.  She was funny and opened up some ideas that I had never thought about before.

This session was no different.  While I was familiar with the rubrics, checklists, and information, Brianna opened up more practical ways to use the information so that it worked best for teachers.  The concepts that I have taken that I liked most revolved around how to use the rubrics and checklists with kids.

First, I love the idea of taking the rubric and developing focus groups for kids.  This gives you an opportunity to target their needs at the outset rather than continue to try and develop an understanding of what they know.  Getting started with this use of rubrics brings value to the assessment because it is a much better way of driving your instruction.  To do this most effectively, she suggested just creating a spreadsheet with the 9 components from the TC checklist/rubric and scoring each one.  This will help you identify similar writers to target focus groups.

The second, and my favorite use, is using student facing rubrics.  She showed a number of examples of explicitly designed student facing rubrics.  Unfortunately my camera shots were poor.  Ultimately, by using the information in the rubrics and making very explicit examples, a teacher can give kids the opportunity to see exactly what writing looks like their own, and what writing that has taken the “next step” will look like for them.

Overall Brianna’s session had so many great tips and ideas that are benefiting my young writers!


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