Embracing the Failures

I set out to tackle the Blog 365 Challenge.  I did so with no expectations other than I would be writing a lot, and that I enjoyed writing.  Also, I had recently started a second blog.  I wanted to make sure that I did not neglect the second blog while taking on the 365 challenge.  So, as is my nature, I decided to take on a double challenge.

For many months I have written daily, in both blogs.  I have grown dramatically from this incredible reflective experience.  What I did not plan for was how this time commitment would strain me as I continued to take on new and excited projects, finished my MSA, and try to incorporate many new ideas into my classroom.  Essentially, I have found that writing any every day is becoming a burden rather than a joy.  It is no longer simply benefiting my practice, but negatively effecting my ability to complete everything else, ultimately, trying to write two blogs each day is starting to hurt my kids.  Simply put, I am admitting failure in this adventure.


So what! Here is what this “failure” has brought me.  I wrote over 365 blog posts in less than 185 days.  Some of them I believe are truly pieces that encompass everything I believe as an educator, some are pieces that I have changed in my mind many times over.  I now have a reference library of over 375 posts about various topics that I can share and discuss.  I have made many connections, had the opportunity to present on blogging, and learned how to process my thoughts into more concise, focussed writing.  Most importantly, my blog has allowed me the ability to grow, reflect, share, and spread the value of being connected with many people.

My new challenge will still require me to write each day.  I am planning on adding to one blog, or the other, every day without a time limit in mind.  Overall, I will be able to focus more on what will help the kids I work with, while at the same time ensuring reflection on a regular basis.


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