Mustache Wednesday

Mustache Wednesday is not a thing.  Well, not yet.  Yesterday my 1st Grade class created it when one of my kids, for whom I make many accommodations to facility his learning grabbed one of my mustache post its for himself. I can only imagine what may have happened with other teachers with this slightly different child who had already been having a difficult day.  I let him have one.  Another boy started walking to get one, and I asked him to simply ask for it and he could have one.  It was the end of the day, we were getting ready to pack up and I really didn’t mind.

When the class is finished packing up early I usually put on music and let them dance to celebrate the day.  Yesterday while they were dancing they ALL ended up asking for a post it mustache.  By the time the song was over, all of my kids had them.  One of my kids said, “this is great, it is now Mustache Wednesday!” No matter who they were or how they had felt about their day, they were ALL excited about their day when it was time to leave.  The 8th Grade kids that picked them up for the busses all asked for mustaches to be like their 1st Grade friends.

It is the little things, small decisions that we make that often impact how our kids feel about school.  Remember that, remember how a little decision to have fun with something can change the perspectives of you kids about school.  Every day I love leaving knowing my kids are excited to come back the next day.  This is what school should be.  Kids, excited about what they do.  Sometimes it is about cool, incredible learning experiences, but other times, it is just about a decision to let kids be kids.



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