Voxer, Velcro, and Marilyn Monroe for #EdCampNJ

A few weeks ago as a means to foster connection and build excitement among some fellow educators for EdCampNJ, Chris Duane formed a group on Voxer. The result has been nothing short of magical. Many people are starting to use Voxer and it is a fun and exciting way to connect. Many groups are straight forward: discuss an educational topic, keep it short, share your voice, and move on. My favorite Voxer groups are quite the opposite.

In our EdCamp NJ group we are having a conversation as if we were already at EdCamp hanging out in the morning before sessions. We have gone from one fun, sometimes outrageous discussion to another, but from it we have come up with a session we really think will be spectacular.

Tomorrow at EdCampNJ a few of us will be facilitating the discussion on Velcro Lessons. (Some ingenious invention that helps learning “stick”) This concept is in the works and includes things as far fetched as a unicorn pulling a giant educate, to a music and mic drops. It has included a dance video (my apologies in advance) and maybe even a surprise visit from Marilyn Monroe! All of this has come from the power of incredible collaboration and sharing that is available when you share on Voxer!

We hope you will find your way to our session, it will surely be one that sticks!


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