The End of One Chapter

Tomorrow morning I will travel an hour Northwest to Rowan University to meet up with my advisor and cohort members to finalize the details of my Masters of School Administration. I have been doing this program for the past 28 months straight, but quite honestly, it feels like my entire life. When the program started I remember writing my first paper in a hospital room, quietly typing next to my resting wife, and our beautiful sleeping baby girl. For her entire life, I have been both a teacher, and a student.

The idea that this chapter is ending is so foreign that I have trouble wrapping my head around what it will really mean for me. The truth is, other than a little more time to read and write what I want, it changes very little. Instead, I like to think about how I have changed during this time.

I have grown so much as an educator, and a leader. I have seen both great things happen in my school, and some incredibly shocking, saddening things as well. I have made friends that are joining me as the next generation of leaders, and, I have found great mentors to help guide my journey from here.

Ultimately this is just a small chapter in a rather large book. But, as it has been with this blog, I have continued to grow, change, and learn more over time. I look forward to sharing more from my journey with you all, and I greatly appreciate those of you who take the time to read through my reflections, comment, or discuss them with me. Thank you!


7 thoughts on “The End of One Chapter

  1. I just wanted to stop by to wish you congratulations on finishing your M.A. in School Admin! I’m beginning the same journey – at Rowan – next month. I’m glad to follow you on Twitter, and I may occasionally even bug you for advice! I read through some of your blog posts, and I see that you were also at EdCamp – I missed meeting you there. One of these days, perhaps at a #CoffeeEduNJ, we’ll connect in person. Again, congratulations on a huge accomplishment!

    1. Thanks! There is a private fb group with my cohort and a lot of others in the Rowan program. It was a huge help! Also, try to make it to EdCamp South Jersey in March or EdTechNJ in January and say hello! Feel free to ask anything! Thanks again!

      1. I just reread this post & realized that I’m already registered for both! Got my tix for edcamp, & I’m presenting at EdTechNJ. I’m also going to Techspo15 at Bally’s on Jan 29-30. Ate you going to that one, too? BTW, we have a Voxer group (Twitter people) for NJ edu’s to keep informed about conferences, workshops & other happenings in & around NJ. If you’re interested, just let me know your Voxer handle & ill add you to the group! I’m looking forward to meeting you at some of these functions! Happy New Year!

      2. Sure add me to the voxer group…
        I didn’t know about the Bally’s one, maybe I can convince Mrs. C to hang in the casino, but I will see you in Edison on the 31st!

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