Commitment to Relfection

It is time to remind myself of something I have said to other aspiring bloggers, “If you really want to get something out of it, you need to make a commitment.” When I released myself from the commitment to recommit myself to other work, I honestly did not utilize my blog as I should have been. It stopped being a reflection on my experiences and learning and started being a random, as I felt “inspired” shelter for disjointed thoughts.

Ultimately, (yes this is going to be very short because I wrote a longer piece already tonight and my child refuses sleeping) I need to find a realistic commitment. I plan on starting a new 365 starting January 1. I will not write in both my blogs ( ) each day, but I will be writing in one of them. I need to get back to that level of commitment that will allow me to get something more valuable from blogging than the satisfaction of cataloging some random educational thought.

Until then I will be trying to write at least once daily, but I will not start the new race until the new year! I look forward to sharing a new journey with you all soon!


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