One Word for 2015

2014 was in incredible year for me, personally and professionally. Like any other year it was filled with many highs and lows, but I have come out the other side feeling empowered to do great things in 2015. I have read many other people sharing their #oneword for 2015, and so I felt inspired by their great ideas to share mine.

This past year was one where others have given me so much. They have created opportunity, encouraged, taught, and shared so much with me, that I want to give back what I have been given in far greater proportion. I want to be a reason other educators, leaders, parents, and most of all kids feel the great, renewed sense of excitement I have developed for education. I want to spark the passions of others and know that they will in turn become great at whatever it is they choose to do. Most of all, I want to give others the ability to create, grow, and shine!

For that reason, my one word for 2015 is: Empower

Empower others to greatness (whatever that means) in whatever ways possible. This year I have had so many people empower me with so many great things. It is time to give that opportunity back to others!


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