That’s Not Normal!

A fellow teacher was talking to me today about his resume and cover letter.  He is a part time teacher and looking, understandably, for full time work.  As I read over his resume of being a teacher in his first full year, second total, some major things jumped out at me.

This teacher had written his entire curriculum for a pre-K to 8 program and created a program at our school that previously did not exist, with almost no increase in funding.  NONE of that was on his cover letter or his resume.

As I started to talk to him about this, he didn’t seem to realize how valuable that information was for him.  How many teachers with barely a full year of experience take on those challenges?  How many teachers with 20 years experience take on those challenges?  The answer is probably far fewer than we think.  It is also is much fewer than he thought, “doesn’t everyone do those things?”

Simply put, no.  The truth is that those qualities make him an unusual candidate.  Tonight talking with other teachers we were mentioning the idea that when something comes natural to teachers, they just assume its normal.  Let me remind all of you now, NOTHING YOU DO IS NORMAL!

You spend your days with tons of kids that want to play games, run, jump, and many other things.  You spend your days with them by choice, and you do it so they can learn.  Teachers, stop assuming that there is nothing special about you or what you do!

A good friend @tritonkory loves to refer to herself as “just a teacher” and it really aggravates me to no end!  She is an amazing teacher that has done so much for her kids and her school.  Just tonight she put on a reading event for kids and parents that was attended by over 100 people.  She inspires hundreds of other teachers, and creates really cool things for her classes.  She is anything but, “just a teacher”.  Those things aren’t “normal”.  Sure people do them, but not everyone.  These are special things that we should celebrate and appreciate about ourselves and others!


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