Killing a Different Kind of Teacher Stereotype

Shoveling snow gives me a nice opportunity to think.  So as those of you across about 60% of America can guess, I have spent some time reflecting this morning!  I was thinking of one of the most passionate, intelligent, innovative teachers I know.

He is always creating engaging ways to help his kids improve.  He says things and backs them up with action, and he is a true positive force in the teaching profession.  Today I got to listen to him talk about how he is using different apps and programs to enhance engagement.  I also got to hear about how he is networking with leaders in his field world wide to create a database of lessons to share with other educators that cover standards and incorporate technology and best standards.

I am sure you agree, he sounds like an incredible educator.  He is also a gym teacher. That’s right, he is a Physical Education teacher. Those aren’t the things I admittedly used to think of when I thought of gym teachers, but Justin Schleider (@schleiderjustin ) has changed my general perceptions about teaching in general.  Anyone who is passionate and driven can make an incredible difference in education.  Justin does some pretty incredible things, not just for PE teachers, but for all educators and for kids.

One great moment of inspiration at a time, Justin is helping to kill stereotype that many people have of “gym teachers”, including until several months ago, myself.


One thought on “Killing a Different Kind of Teacher Stereotype

  1. Kudos to Justin! I agree.. I don’t think I have ever worked w/ a more motivated individual in my 14 years at Springfield. We r lucky to have him for the time being.. Cuz it’s obvious he is going places!

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