EdCamp Awesome

Today was a great day.  From everyone I spoke to, there was a lot of positive feeling and excitement about how everything went at EdCamp South Jersey.  In trying to look back and decompress on my EdCamp South Jersey experience there are a few major reflections that I came to today.

The first, is that creating the conditions for this incredible event takes some work, but it is entirely doable by anyone with the desire.  For today’s event we had a team of people doing various things at different points in the process.  With a handful of dedicated people working together, this type of event is achievable by anyone.

The second, which in some ways ties into the first, is that EdCamp is truly made valuable by the people.  It wasn’t necessarily the whole, “The smartest person in the room is the room” piece, but that you are sitting together with people and developing connections.  You laugh together, celebrate and commiserate together, and hopefully learn together.  Ultimately it is more about the people because it is about the bond you create.

We are not going to solve any of the largest educational issues at EdCamp.  We spark those discussions however, and through developing connections we can continue the conversations, the problem solving, and continue developing the collective resources to make a real difference.  The power of EdCamp is not in how we begin the conversations, but what we do with them once they have been created.

So if you went to EdCamp South Jersey today, or whenever you happen to find yourself at an EdCamp, remember the power is not in what you just discussed, but instead in what you do from here.


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