Facing the Worst

I always try to start my day with a positive attitude.  “Today is going to be a great day” and all of usual positive self talk.  My goal is always to start each day with the belief that we can make it great.  Tomorrow will not be a great day.

Tomorrow will be the worst of days.  No matter how positive I try to be, tomorrow will be a heart-crushing, tear-filled day.  Tomorrow will undoubtedly be the worst day of the year because tomorrow our school family says goodbye to one of our own.  In a small school, in a small community, everyone is intertwined, close, connected.  Tomorrow we say goodbye to a beautiful, sweet eleven year old girl who died last week.  Taylor was kind, friendly, and caring.  When I go in tomorrow I know that at some point I will leave my class and go pay my respects to Taylor’s family.  There isn’t anyone in our school who doesn’t feel the loss, and yet our loss is insignificant compared to the loss her family is suffering.

So how do I face a day knowing it will be awful?  My goal is to make it as good as it can be.  To be a support for kids, families, and anyone else I can help.  What helps me is knowing the incredible, supportive people I work with will be there.  It helps me because I know I will not be alone in either grieving or in trying to support others.

In the end there is nothing we can do to make tomorrow a great day.  There is nothing we can do for Taylor’s family that will make tomorrow any less devastating.  So we will go in, support them and one another in anyway that is available to us.  We will face the worst day knowing it cannot possibly be even a bad day.  We will do it together, the best we can.


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