The Good is Always There

It is important in the face of the greatest sadness we remember that the good is there.  It may not be easy to see, and it may not be strong, but it can give us hope.

This has been a sad week.  There have been so many things to process for kids and for adults in our school community.

Yesterday our school, our community, our kids and  most devastatingly, her family, said goodbye to Taylor.  Taylor was a sweet, caring, and wonderful young girl to be around.  Seeing pictures of her from Kindergarten and First Grade reminded me of so many moments that I took for granted.  We offered our sympathy and support to Taylor’s family, especially her mom.  I only really know her mom because I have her son in my class this year.  Seeing her say goodbye to her daughter was one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever experienced.  So how do we face this?

Yesterday morning I started talking with one of my colleagues and we talked about facing today.  When we talked, I told her to recognize the good.  I told her to realize that there are many people doing good things

Recently people have told me that good outshines the bad, or that we can choose how our day will be.  Sometimes that is simply not true.  Good doesn’t always outshine the bad.  Yesterday the terrible feeling of sadness was not overshadowed by good, but, the good remained.  There were people coming from different times and places in a young girl’s life that wanted to say goodbye.  There were people supporting on one another, caring for each other, and helping to hold each other together.  The good existed.  It wasn’t a good day, it was a horrible day.  Today we can face this sadness, the empty space where once there was a sweet, smiling young girl, only in knowing that like Taylor, the people around us, who cared for her, are kind and caring.  They give us hope that in a moment where sadness is at its greatest, good people still exist, and they are here.

None of that will make it easier on Taylor’s family and friends for today, but knowing that good people care about you is one of the most uplifting feelings we can give to one another.  Let’s not wait for tragedy to remind each other of this, let’s start doing it every day.

You make a difference, you matter, you are important to so many people in your life.


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