Appropriate Cliche for Returning…

It has been over a month since I have posted any writing.  In some ways this little blog vacation has been a welcome break, in others it has created a void in my life personally.  Writing has been my own personal processing unit that has allowed me to sound off on passionate topics, sort through things I have learned, and express my thoughts.  While taking a break from regular writing, I have missed many opportunities to share and get feedback from the handful of awesome people who actually read my writing.

At first I felt like perhaps I had said all I could possibly say.  Writing nearly 400 posts in under a year between here and another blog, I did feel that the well was a little dry.  After a month away, I realized that I definitely had plenty to share.  In this time I have separated from my blog, I have also retracted quite a bit from social media.  I have a lot to give, and so much more to get from the amazing people with which I connect.

That break stops now.  While I am not committing to writing every day, I will be committing to writing and posting twice a week starting tomorrow.  I hope to share many new and exciting journey’s with you all, an I hope for significant feedback from any and all who take the time to read.


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